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About us

At our company, we know the importance of being dependable, professional and trustworthy. We offer the best quality work available and these are our top priorities. We strive to give the very best lawn maintenance service the Austin and surrounding areas have to offer. We are family owned and operated and have been serving Austin and the surrounding area since 1990.

Some things we do different than other Austin area lawn care companies are:

1. Give estimates over the phone on most lawn maintenance services.
2. Allow as needed service calls. If you’re simply too tired, sick, or busy, have friends or relatives coming over, a party coming up, it’s too hot, mower broke, house is on the market or WHATEVER THE REASON, you can call on us. We’ll do our very best to fit you in before your deadline.
3. We do touch ups. Sometimes (usually during the summer) we can just charge you a touch up fee instead of for a full service visit when a shorter amount of time is required because of sporadic growth conditions. We calculate how much time we have been on the job and charge accordingly, with a minimum charge of $25.00 including tax.
4. We allow changes in scheduling. Customers can call and change their scheduling ANYTINE from weekly, every two weeks, or as needed depending on the season and as weather conditions dictate. We ask our customers to call us AS NEEDED from November thru February, due to the dormant conditions, but we are always available for leaf clean up, tree trimming, etc. during these months.
5. We call or email all our customers the day prior to coming out to remind them that they are on the schedule, so they can unlock gates, put dogs in, pick up litter or toys, etc.
6. When we leave a message to a customer that they are on our schedule we ALWAYS assume they could be out of town and make a judgment call on their yard upon arrival. If it doesn’t look like it is ready, and no one is home when we arrive to ask, then we will put their service down for the following week. We treat every customers yard as if it were our own, and won’t cut it, if it doesn’t look like it is ready. Sometimes a $5 service call fee may apply.

We service many zip codes including 78717, 78723, 78727, 78728, 78729, 78731, 78745, 78748, 78749, 78750, 78751, 78757, 78758 and 78759. This map reflects, in yellow, our current service area. We are continually expanding this area, so please check with us to see if we might be able to assist you.

For more information about our lawn service company, please contact us by phone or by emailing us.